How to book online

Booking online looks somewhat different on the laptop vs the mobile device.

I recommend using the laptop to book if possible.

The sequence is,however, basically the same.

1. Navigate to the book online page.  On the mobile device click on the three bars at the top right to find this page option. On the laptop use the "book online" button.

2.  Choose one of the available events.  If more than one event is available be sure to scroll down to the desired event.

3. Click on  "book it".  sometimes you may have to tap repeatedly

4. A calendar should appear.  This is where the biggest difference between the mobile and laptop exist.

4a.  On mobile: A block calendar will will appear with arrows at the top to navigate from month to month

The dates of the events will be in bold compared to the other dates.  click on the date of the event.

Next, you will be asked to select a time:  click on the time of the event. This will highlight the time and the "next button".  click on the "next" button.

b.  You will be asked to review the details of the booking, look it over to ensure that you are booking the desired event and click "next".

c. You will then be asked for your personal info and the number of slots you wish to book.  Enter this info and click "next".

d. You will be asked to click "pay now" which will direct you to paypal where you can complete your payment and booking with your credit card or paypal account.

5.  Laptop:  on the laptop the calendar that appears has the date and time highlighted. click on the time,  from there the steps are the same as above.

We hope this helps! If you are still having difficulties at this point, contact us at the e-mail